Milled Dates 3kg

Milled Dates 3kg

Milled Dates is important product for food manufacture, sweets, juices and other food uses.
Its natural fruit and natural sugar and by using our product they will produce (Bio - Eco - Healthy) products.

Our product from milled Dates is Deluxe pieces of Dates , milled and packed without seed.

We use fresh Dates from Saudi Arabia, the 4 kind of dates what we use in this product are (Sukkari - Khalas - khodary - Rushodia).

The packages can be 1 kind of dates or many kind of dates.

Our products are Bio products, Fresh, natural and without any preservatives or any chemicals - The packaging technology has been through the withdrawal of the air - "Vacuum" - or natural Milled dates in packages.

packages can be 1 - 3 - 5 - 10 kg for every kind of dates.

available kind of Dates:

  • Sukkari
  • Khodary
  • Safawi
  • Rushodiah
  • Khalas