Sliced Dates 1/8

Sliced Dates 1/8

All our dates products and dates kind can be sliced to 1/8 pieces  without seed.

we use fresh dates from Saudi Arabia, and the 4 kind of dates what we use in this product are (Sukkari - Khalas - khodary - Rushodia).

Our products are Bio products, Fresh, natural and without any preservatives or any chemicals - The packaging technology has been through the withdrawal of the air - "Vacuum" - or natural dates in normal packages.

packages can be 1 - 3 - 5 - 10 kg for every kind of dates.

available kind of dates:

  • Sukkari
  • Khodary
  • Safawi
  • Rushodiah
  • Khalas

1-8 date siced